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Online Baccarat in Ohio

Play Baccarat Online

Baccarat is one of the simplest games you’ll find at a casino, and yet many people don’t know how to play the game or realize its potential for online gaming. Unlike some table games, you don’t have to spend hours learning strategies and rules to win at baccarat. There are three possible outcomes in this game:

  • Player win
  • Banker/dealer win
  • Tie

The best thing about this game, for a lot of people, is that you’re not actually involved in the card playing and the dealer does all the work. Quite literally, all that you have to do is consider the hands that were dealt and place your bet accordingly.

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Is It Legal to Play Online Baccarat?

As with most online table games, the legality of playing can be somewhat difficult to understand. However, there are currently no federal laws restricting online casinos specifically and there are only nine states that explicitly outlaw players engaging with online casinos that pay real money (Hint: Ohio isn’t one of them).

If you’re concerned about whether you can play or not, simply find online Baccarat websites or games and sign up to join them. These gaming companies have an obligation to refuse service to players in states where online gaming is prohibited.

Put simply: they won’t let you sign up and play if it’s not legal.

The Rules of the Game

Unlike most card games, players don’t want the face cards in Baccarat because they are worth zero points. The ace is worth one point, while the two through nine cards are worth their face value. The 10 card is also a zero in this game.

The dealer will deal two cards for the banker and the player, placing them face-up on the table. Whichever hand scores closest to nine (9) wins. If the cards total a double-digit number (anything greater than nine), you drop the first digit from the total, and the remaining number is the score. Here are some examples:

Dealt 7 and 9 cards, for a total of 16: Drop the one, which leaves a score of six.

Dealt 3 and 5 cards, for a total of eight: the score remains eight.

Dealt an ace and a 9 card, for a total of 10: Drop the one, which leaves a score of zero.

If the cards dealt to the player or the banker total less than five, a third card will be dealt. If either is dealt cards totaling eight or nine, both will stand. The tie option, which is available as a third bet in Baccarat, pays at 8-to-1 or 9-to-1 odds. The actual card gameplay is all completed by the banker, starting with the first move to the player. The banker’s ability to draw depends on the player draw, as well. Fortunately for the bettor, the exact particulars of the dealing rules don’t matter.

Players only need to know the points on the cards to determine who wins, and therefore whether or not they win their bet. In the event that both parties have equal points, the tie results in no action and bets are returned to the player, except tie bets, which are paid as wins.