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Betting on College Football and the Buckeyes in Ohio

NCAA football betting is similar to NFL betting, which we explain in detail on this page. There are some differences in the parameters and options available, of course, but that comes with every different sport that you can bet on. The variations from NFL sports betting are few, but they do exist. If you want to bank on your Buckeyes instead of just cheering them on, here are some things you need to know.

NCAAF betting ohio

Is it legal to bet on college sports?

In Ohio, sports betting is still illegal, but the state is working to change that. This just means that you can’t go to a sportsbook facility or use an online sportsbook to bet on various college sports and other leagues or sporting events. There are a few legal ways that you can get your money on your favorite teams when you live in Ohio:

● Play fantasy sports instead. Some offer rewards and points that add up to cash and real prizes, and fantasy seasons can be a lot shorter and simpler than following the NCAA all season long.

● Start a pool with your coworkers, friends, or family members. Betting pools like this, where the winner receives 100% of the proceeds, are legal in the state of Ohio. As long as there is no central “profit” from the activity, it doesn’t break any laws.

● Check out online sportsbooks that are open to U.S. residents but based offshore, since domestic betting is the only practice specifically outlawed under current legislation. Some of these sportsbooks have been around for 15-20 years so they are trustworthy but note that it may also be harder to deal with financial issues or filing formal complaints because of their offshore status.

 How can I bet on my Buckeyes?

NCAA football betting offers the same options as NFL: moneyline, spreads, points, totals, prop bets, and half/quarter bets. The scoring is higher in college games and the outcomes are all over the map. Some people enjoy college sports betting for that specific reason: it turns an otherwise uninteresting matchup into an interesting and competitive game.

Some people prefer NCAA gambling because it allows them to support their alma mater, while others simply like it because the wagers are better and there’s less uncertainty in a lot of cases. Regardless of your reasons, you can find ways to wager on your favorite Ohio team if you know where to look. Those who like the idea of wagering on NCAA games but are new to the practice might benefit from starting with fantasy sites or teaser bets until they get the hang of things.

We’ve already covered the ways that you can legally bet on sports in Ohio, including NCAA football games. If you’re not sure about the legalities, you might be best suited to stick to fantasy sports or social sportsbooks until you get the hang of things.

The 2019 Buckeyes

According to reports, Ohio State fans are eager for their new starting quarterback, Justin Fields, to hit the turf. Last year’s season started strong, until the massive blow in their 49-20 loss to Perdue. Currently, the 2019 NCAA championship odds for the Ohio State Buckeyes are at +800.

Wrapping Up

When you’re betting on the Ohio State Buckeyes and other NCAA teams, you need to know the game and the odds that you’re up against. Ask about specific NCAA games, betting methods, and their odds to ensure that you make the right moves. You can also find Big 10 Conference gaming and other Big 10 odds to follow and bet on your other favorite teams.