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Online Blackjack in Ohio

In today’s quickly-evolving digital world, online casino gaming is increasing in popularity. More people are seeking fun ways to gamble online and many casinos, both domestic and offshore, are answering that call with a variety of online gaming options for U.S. residents and players around the world. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games, and it’s a simple enough game that almost anyone can pick it up in just a few minutes.

Blackjack online ohio

Is it Legal to Play Blackjack Online?

There are no federal laws prohibiting players from playing online Blackjack. Some states have laws against online casinos operating in the state or domestically, but for the most part, you can legally and safely play games like Blackjack for real money. Online casinos will let you know whether or not you’re legally able to play by validating your state of residence when you sign up. There are nine states where online gambling is explicitly prohibited. Ohio is not one of them.

You can also find free-to-play or “social” casinos, where the games are the same but the winnings aren’t cold hard cash. You can play for fun, for other prizes and tournament entries, or just for the glory of the game if you aren’t interested in placing real wagers on your game.

The Rules of Online Blackjack

Playing blackjack online has the same rules as if you were sitting at the table in your favorite casino. The first thing you need to know is the object of the game. Here’s a hint: despite what most people think, it’s not to get to a total of 21.

The primary goal of blackjack is to have a total that is higher than the dealer’s hand and to not go over 21, especially when the dealer’s hand does. If you do get a hand that exceeds the total of 21 points, this is known as a bust (or sometimes a “break”, in reference to dealers’ hands being over the allotted 21 points).

Say, for example, you are originally dealt a jack and a five. That scores 15 points. If the dealer’s next card is a 10, you’re busted. If you’ve played blackjack before, the point values for cards are the same online:

  • Number cards: Counted at face value (i.e. two of hearts would be two points, etc.
  • Face cards: All kings, queens, and jacks count as 10 points
  • Aces: The ace can be scored as one point or 11 points, depending on the player’s hand

Funding Online Blackjack Games

If you’re not just playing for fun, you’ll have to find a way to fund your gaming. Most online casinos that let players wager with real money have various options for depositing money into an online account. The preferred method right now is Bitcoin, but most casinos will also accommodate wire transfers, check deposits, ACH withdrawals and deposits, and debit and credit card transactions.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is used by a lot of online sites, including many casinos, as a safer way for people to use real money in online gambling. You can find out more about Bitcoin and how it works with casinos in this handy guide.