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MLS Betting in Ohio

The MLS isn’t the only soccer league in the world, but it is the most popular and exciting. From the unique regular season structure to the playoffs and finals, this sport offers something for those who enjoy betting on various soccer matches during the year. Each season sees teams playing 34 games apiece, but with all of the wagering options, there are literally hundreds of bets you can place during a single MLS season.

Betting on MLS games involves more than just knowing the odds. There are a lot of factors that will influence how you bet and who comes out on top. Team form plays a huge role in soccer, even though it doesn’t have as big of an effect in other sports. More than any other type of sport, the MLS favors the home team, so keep that in mind when placing your bets, as well.

MLS soccer betting ohio

How to Bet on MLS Games in Ohio

For those new to American betting, as is often the case with MLS games, it’s important to understand how MLS odds are calculated. These are usually based on a standard format of plus or minus 100, with the positive meaning you’ll win more and the negative meaning you’ll win less.

Types of Bets

As in many sports, there are three common types of bets placed on MLS games:

Over/Under: Betting on total points in a game, with a wager as to whether it will be over or under the predetermined number.

Spread: Betting the spread is a simple sports betting concept. It just means that the favorite needs to win by so many points or the underdog needs to lose by a certain number of points, depending on which way you wager.

Moneyline: For simple bets, this is the way to go. The moneyline is just picking a winner in the scheduled game based on the posted odds. Since the MLS includes draws as an outcome during regular league play, this is a three-line bet that includes MLS odds on a draw, as well.

American bettors can wager on a lot of the same MLS statistics and bets as those in international leagues. Popular wagers include totals, three-way spreads, game props, cards, and Asian Handicap. As this type of betting increases in the American market, the options will continue to increase. As it stands, some games offer 200 or more betting options with all of the props and other wagers available.

Popular Prop Bets

In MLS sports betting, there are a few wagers that are more common than others. If you’re feeling lucky, you can wager on an exact score for the game, which has some pretty excellent odds for payouts. For those who are familiar with playing styles, betting over/under on corners is a great way to win some big wagers in the MLS. Players can also wager on halftime scores or picking a leader mid-game, as well as who will score the next goal or how the goal happens, which are ideal for those who enjoy live betting.

MLS Futures

Unlike the European soccer leagues, the MLS has a single tournament at the end of a season. This means that there is a chance to bet on the MLS cup winner and other soccer futures. Players can also bet on top scorers with awards bets on titles like the Golden Boot. MLS futures are a lot more profitable than some sports, like the NBA, where teams are hard to predict and unreliable in terms of their efforts. Due to the length of the season, those wagering on championships and futures will often see higher winnings than in other leagues.