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NBA Betting in Ohio

The NBA, like the NFL, offers a lot of betting options. This sports league is a popular choice among gamblers because it comes with high scores and often lopsided games, which results in a lot of good luck for those betting on the spread. Of course, there are also a lot more options with a spread bet and other types of NBA sports betting. Plus, the NBA season is one of the longest in professional sports, offering a lot more games to be wagered.

If you’re going to be successful when it comes to wagering on NBA games, you have to know the types of bets available and how to check NBA odds and statistics so you can make better wagers. We’ll help familiarize you with the different wagering options for NBA leagues so you can place your own bets and wait for the wins to start rolling in.

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Different types of NBA Betting and NBA Odds to Know

Betting Against the Spread

A spread bet is probably one of the most common in any sportsbook betting, as it offers a simple premise. NBA spreads line up the upcoming games and lists score spreads with the home court advantage factored in. Then, people can bet based on the listed lines, placing a bet on which team they want to favor.

Spreads can get messy in the NBA. Not only are there are a lot of good teams that have a strong home court advantage, but a lot of NBA players are known to deliver at half-speed during regular season games. That can make accurate sports betting hard since everything is based on statistics and odds.

NBA Betting for Game Totals

Betting on game totals in the NBA is the same as in all other sports betting. The lines will be published with the total projected game points. This allows bettors to place their wagers based on an over/under bet or bet specifically on one of the two teams. If the total points are listed at 225, but the game only sees a total of 200 points, you could win with an under bet, for example.

Moneyline Bets in Basketball

Moneyline bets are harder in the NBA because the league is building a network of “super teams”. Therefore, the money lines are much higher than they would be for the NFL or another sport. It’s not unheard of to have a moneyline of -1000, which means you’d have to bet $1,000 just to win $100. On the positive, a $100 bet could net you a $1,000 win if the moneyline is a plus instead of a minus. Rooting for the underdog with moneyline bets is ineffective in the NBA. Those who want value from powerhouse teams need to look into parlays and teasers, round robins, and prop bets.

Prop Bets

Many of the larger sportsbooks have a ton of different props associated with various NBA games. These could include things like how many assists a player will have or how many total points they will score. Prop bets are better in the NBA a lot of times because although they might pay less, you have better odds of beating one or two game stats versus winning something like a spread or moneyline.

What about NBA Futures?

Unlike other leagues, the NBA is really top-heavy in terms of championship contenders. Therefore, the appeal is often taken out of betting on futures in this league. The money usually doesn’t break even, let alone garner a win for those betting on futures. Rather than betting on championships, players can bet on awards and other long-term bets. The Rookie of the Year and MVP awards are popular futures betting options for the NBA.