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Betting on College Basketball in Ohio

Although there are 13 Division I teams in Ohio, Ohioans will tell you that the Buckeyes are the team to root for time and time again. Betting on NCAA college basketball is similar to betting on NBA games, with similar options and betting styles, but with college-specific odds to consider. This is unique because the format of college games and the level of dedication from the players changes the odds significantly.

Where an NBA player might deliver their performance at 75% during the regular season because they simply don’t feel a need to work at 100%, most college players are hard workers with a drive to win and do their best. Therefore, it may be easier to win prop bets and overall season bets because you don’t have to factor in the unreliability of professional athletes.

NCAAB betting ohio

How Can I Bet on My Buckeyes?

If you’re gearing up for the next Buckeyes basketball season, you are in luck. You can get your gamble on without a lot of effort, so long as you take the time to learn about your options for sports betting and what kind of bets you can make.

For starters, we have to tell you that sports betting in Ohio is illegal as of the current time. Although there is ongoing legislation that is attempting to change that, residents of the state are not allowed to engage in sports betting within the state of Ohio, or with domestic online casinos and sportsbooks. When sports betting is finally legalized, it is hopeful that players will be able to gamble at any of the 11 live casinos in the state. There may also be new online options presented. For now, you have a couple of options:

Fantasy NCAA Brackets and Leagues

Fantasy betting is a fun way to stay involved with your favorite sports teams and enjoy the excitement of wagering on their games without actually losing any money. Sites like FanDuel and DraftKings offer awesome fantasy leagues and options. For those who want to bet the spread on the next home game, but don’t want to lose the house, betting for fun might be the way to go.

Online Sportsbooks (Offshore)

There are a number of international sportsbooks that welcome U.S. players. These casinos and sports betting websites are based in countries like Costa Rica and Panama, and many have been in business for decades. This allows everyone a way to engage in sports betting, but it’s important for you to choose reputable sportsbooks if you go this route. You can bet and win real money, but you can also lose it, so make sure you only choose reputable online sportsbooks.

Betting on Ohio State Basketball: It’s in the Odds

Like college football, NCAA basketball sees a lot of uneven matchups each week. This can create bigger spreads than found in pro games. College games are also the shortest games, which don’t allow for a lot of real-time action. Upsets are common, but players can win on spreads and over/under bets if they know their teams and hit a lucky streak. March Madness betting and Ohio State basketball Big 10 odds are the most popular wagers for those interested in college basketball sportsbooks.