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NFL Betting in Ohio

Football season is on its way and it’s time to gear up for the game. Cheering on your Brownies is one thing but placing a bet on NFL games offers just a little more excitement and the chance to win some money. This is the most popular sport for betting in the United States. Thanks to the popularity of NFL betting, it’s also got a variety of ways to wager.

In the state of Ohio, NFL betting falls under other sports betting and online gaming laws, which may be in the process of undergoing some changes. As it stands, Ohio does not allow in-state or domestic sports betting, either in person or online. Online gaming regulations permit Ohio residents to play at offshore sportsbooks and casinos, however, so you’ll want to get to know the ropes.

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How to Bet on NFL Games

There are a number of different ways to bet on NFL games. The most common is known as the moneyline bet, which is just picking who wins the game. It’s less popular than other types of bets because it has lower payouts, but it can be a big win when an underdog pulls through. Not all books will offer a moneyline bet. If they do, it may be released later than the spread, and if the spread is too high or too low, they might not release this option at all.

You can bet on total points in a game using standard under/over betting. Some people think that today’s high-scoring games would go well above the historical average of 30-60 points per game, so they play the over on game totals. However, there are a lot of factors involved in points scoring, so there may be an occasion where you have to play the under to win.

Betting against the spread is the popular choice for NFL betting. This straightforward bet allows you to wager the odds of which team would be the favorite by points, with a range of up to 15 points in most cases. Spreads are preferred because the help balance NFL odds with unequal rivals, but late-game plays could create drama or result in the “backdoor cover”, where the underdog earns a late score in a meaningless effort, causing them to beat the spread.

Prop bets are another popular option, and they are plentiful in the NFL. Proposition bets are based on the positions on the field and the numbers that they accumulate in the game. A Monday night primetime game could result in as many as 100 possible prop bets. These bets are popular because they let you wager on NFL games without having to bet on the actual score.

All of the options to bet on NFL games can also be made for a specific quarter or half of the game. Just remember that second and fourth quarter bets don’t include any overtime.

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Live NFL Betting

Those who are into live betting will thrive with the NFL, thanks to the many options for prop betting throughout the game. Some sportsbooks will allow players to bet on every single play in the game, with a running total for the spread and moneyline. This type of betting is a little trickier, but those who really feel the flow of the game or can tell when the momentum is changing could find big wins.

The Bottom Line

Using online and mobile sportsbooks will allow you to get in on the action (and the big wins) of your favorite NFL teams. Once you familiarize yourself with the betting options, putting your wagers down will be easy.