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MLB Betting in Ohio

If you’re an Indians fan or a die-hard Reds follower, betting on MLB games in Ohio might be right up your alley. America’s Favorite Pastime offers more opportunities for gambling than any other sport in the world. Major League Baseball sees over 2,400 games played in a short six month-span, which means there’s always something to wager.

Not all sportsbooks will offer the maximum possible wagers per game, but there should be more than enough to find the angle that suits your tastes. With MLB betting, remember that discipline can be the key to success in the long run. Some bets are straightforward while other MLB odds will have a number of factors involved in determining the exact win based on the bet that was placed. Here are the most popular ways to bet on MLB games.

MLB betting online ohio

Moneyline MLB Betting

Moneylines are the most popular per-game betting option, but they’re also the most limited. Since the lines aren’t posted until games are finished, bettors may have less than 24 hours to see the lines and place their wagers. Like other sports, MLB odds in America are based on a $100 relative wager. Thus, if you were betting on the Indians with a -150, you would need to put down $150 to come up with a $100 win. The lines will also include the starting pitchers, which can sway the odds significantly.

MLB Series Betting

Many sportsbooks will post series lines to wager on, such as a 3-game series between the Dodgers and the Brewers. These lines are based on a two-out-of-three win. Pick a team, place your bet, and if they win at least two games in the series, you win. Two-game series cannot be bet on, and games that are suspended or postponed can be ruled “no action”, meaning your bet is returned.

Runline Wagers

Much like the spread for football, the MLB offers runline bets that allow people to wager on who wins the game and by how much. Again, this is an over/under bet. It is always set for the favorite at -1.5, which means they have to win by two runs to payout. The runline includes a listed pitcher and a pitcher option in most sportsbooks, which can affect the odds significantly.

Betting on Game Totals

This is a straightforward over/under bet based on the projected outcome of the game. In the MLB, games usually total between seven and 10 runs, with half-run increments available for betting. Thus, if you bet under on a game where the total is 8.5 runs and only 8 runs are scored, it’s a push and no one wins. If they only score a total of 7 runs, you win your bet. In addition to totals, each game will have its payout odds to determine a minimum wager to profit in your win.

Prop Betting

Prop betting allows sports bettors to place wagers on everything from the pinch hitter’s ERA to the errors charged to the pitcher in a single game. Some wagers are as simple as whether a certain player will hit a home run. MLB odds vary significantly for prop bets and payouts depend on the margin of victory in a lot of them.

How to Bet on MLB Futures

Futures in the MLB are available for division winners and championship odds. Players can also wager on Cy Young or MVP awards, along with other season awards. This is an over/under bet with win totals posted in the spring for open wagers. For example, if you pick the Indians for a predicted total win of over 75, They only need to win 76 games for your wager to pay off.