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Play Video Poker Online in Ohio

In the mid-70s when computers were making their entrance, video poker machines were also born. These early machines combined a slot machine body with a TV-style monitor. Early models were relatively popular, but it was the addition of Draw Poker in 1979 that really exploded the market for video poker. These machines offer a less intimidating experience than sitting at a live poker table and the betting options are much lower than a standard poker game. This makes it an attractive choice for amateur gamers and those who enjoy poker but prefer solo play or casual gaming.

Today, the best gamblers will tell you that video poker has some of the highest odds of any casino game. There are a number of different versions of online video poker available, just as there are multiple types of machines and games found in casinos throughout the world. The most popular types of video poker include:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Deuces Wild
  • Double Bonus
  • Joker Poker
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Is it Legal to Play Video Poker Online? 

There are no federal laws against online casino games like video poker. That means it is up to each state to decide for themselves if they want to make gambling on video poker legal or illegal. For the moment, it is still illegal to play video poker online, but Ohio lawmakers are trying to pass legislation to allow residents to gamble online.

Important Tips for Choosing (and Winning) Online Games

You need to have solid money management skills and an intelligent poker strategy to really succeed with online video poker. Of course, the most important consideration in choosing any online video poker game (or other wagering game) is to look at the paytable. Due to the structure of video poker pay tables, you could have two games that otherwise appear identical and have a huge difference in their payout amounts. Win multipliers are usually also based on the max bet or total amount wagered, which also varies from one game or machine to the next.

Video poker is computerized, so dealing depends on random number generation and the deck is constantly being shuffled. That means when you click the “deal” or “draw” button, the generator stops and produces whatever combination it present at that moment. There are over 2.5 million card combinations in video poker and each game has its own deck. The more hands a player takes the bigger their risk.

There are few progressive jackpots in online video poker and returns may be smaller than slots, but you do have more control because you are in charge of your cards. If you’re uncertain about live poker or just want to hone your skills, online video poker offers something for just about everyone.